and land erodes into
Two-person exhibition with Fyerool Darma
Curated by Carlos Quijon, Jr.
The first edition of Archipelagic Futurisms

Calle Wright

Archipelagic Futurisms is a curatorial project initiated by curator and critic Carlos Quijon, Jr. Imagined as an iterative and traveling exhibition, publication, and research platform, Archipelagic Futurisms proposes a curriculum for thiking about how archipelagic conditions and dispositions can help rethink how we imagine global contemporaries and futures. In considering the archipelagic as a conceptual and curatorial framework, Archipelagic Futurisms is an attempt to discern historical, contemporary, and futurist possibilities of compositing together histories of knowledges, lifeworlds, ecologies, and art/artmaking in order to conceptualize an “archipelagic practice.”  For this project, the archipelagic is an interventive agency that proposes alternative ways of imagining translocal and transregional affinities. It is an agency that fleshes out inventions of the future that reconsider the workings of coloniality and its entanglements across expansive geographies and seas of islands.

Each project proposes a particular point of entry to the conceptualizations of the “archipelagic.” For its first edition, Archipelagic Futurisms presents and land erodes into, an exhibition developed for Calle Wright in Manila presenting works by Nice Buenaventura (b. 1984, Philippines) and Fyerool Darma (b. 1987, Singapore).