︎ Upcoming

[MY] Arts Residency for Southeast Asian Artists, Rimbun Dahan (Rescheduled)

[SG] Three-person exhibition with Brisa Amir and Elaine Navas, ArtSG (Rescheduled)

Boolean Garden (Part II) (Solo), Ateneo de Manila University (Cancelled)

[CH] The New Word for World is Archipelago (Writing/Visual essay), Learning in Island Ecologies, School of Commons, Zurich University of the Arts

ALT Philippines 2021 (Artinformal), Online

︎ Recent

[UK] Boolean Garden (Solo), Queen Mary, University of London

Familiar Hunting, Unfamiliar Gathering, with Miguel Aquilizan, Jessica Dorizac and Costantino Zicarelli, Artinformal Greenhills

Binding II, Blanc Gallery

[TCNTL] Appearance (Excerpt), On work and artist-parenthood, Pandemic Pop-up IGTV

[TH/PH] No More Mesmerizations, Bangkok Biennial
Nice Buenaventura is a visual artist and educator from Manila. Her methods involve an offloading of tensions, often between ethics and aesthetics, through drawing, painting, installation and (lay-)ethnography. This extends to Tropikalye, an artist-authored resource on contemporary visual culture in tropical and postcolonial Philippines.

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b.nice, tropikalye, booleangarden

+63 2 725 8518