No More Mesmerizations
Curated by Vincent Ardidon

Bangkok Biennial
Online Pavilion

The administration of life is joyless on both ends, for bureaucrat and civilian. Fun does not grow on mountains of paperwork. The tedium of forms kills it at the root. And so to mess up the grid, and on old, inessential flyleaves, is to cope. The aestheticisation (of the form) of the form becomes grievance and comic relief at once.

The untitled series of hand-drawn broken grids, originally from various administrative forms (some related to COVID-19 prophylaxis, some to matriculation), tries to deny art’s mesmerizing function, the conceptual anchor of the exhibition. It is presented alongside works by Lesley-Anne Cao, Lena Cobangbang, Levi Masuli, Mark Sanchez, and wareco.

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