Coconuts only grow where they are planted
In a three-person exhibition with Brisa Amir and Elaine Navas

ArtSG (Artinformal)
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

A series of silverpoint drawings of text about the entanglements between imperial botanical thought, climate, and care, together with Gaian Assembly VIII, and an archival print of one Thrashing Palm Tree, is presented at the inaugural edition of ArtSG in Singapore. The works are prompted by my early research into Rimbun Dahan’s arboretum, my then forthcoming artist residency in Malaysia, and easing up from the momentum of The New Word for World is Archipelago

Coconuts only grow where they are planted, the series title, are words by the residency programme’s former director Angela Hijjas, speaking of the relegation of species indigeneity to the background of plantation. Rendered in individual palm leaves, the sans-serif typeface used for the text-as-drawings is created by Hanken Design Co.