︎ Current

[FR] From Grief to Hope, an Archipelago (Presented by Emerging Islands), Nuit de l'Imagination, Columbia Institute for Ideas and Imagination

Line of Sight (Curated by Jon Cuyson), Galleria Duemila

︎ Upcoming

[KH] Climate Futures #2 (Conference, organised by NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore), Siem Reap

Art Residency, Emerging Islands

Elusive Edge: Philippine Abstract Forms (Curated by Patrick Flores), Metropolitan Museum of Manila 

and land eroded into (with Fyerool Darma, curated by Carlos Quijon, Jr.), Calle Wright

︎ Recent

Confluence: Attending to the Textures of Control, Crisis and Connection (Artist talk with Mark Salvatus, Nathalie Dagmang and Frank Callaghan), Ateneo Art Gallery

[MY] Arts Residency for Southeast Asian Artists, Rimbun Dahan

[SG] (Three-person exhibition with Brisa Amir and Elaine Navas), ArtSG

The Crack Between Two Worlds
, Artinformal

Frances Wadsworth Jones in conversation with Nice Buenaventura, ArtSpeak, Ateneo Art Gallery

Land Within/Without (Artist talk with Lou Lim and moderated by Shireen Seno), CCP Public Program, Cultural Center of the Philippines

As heavy as its weight in ghosts (with Costantino Zicarelli), Artinformal

The New Word for World is Archipelago, Thirteen Artists Awards Exhibition, Cultural Center of the Philippines

Creative Process and Collaborations (Artist talk with Jo Tanierla and moderated by Portia Placino), ArtSpeak, Ateneo Art Gallery

[CH] The New Word for World is Archipelago (Writing/Visual essay), Learning in Island Ecologies, School of Commons, Zurich University of the Arts

ALT Philippines 2021 (Artinformal), Online

Familiar Hunting, Unfamiliar Gathering (with Miguel Aquilizan, Jessica Dorizac and Costantino Zicarelli), Artinformal Greenhills

On work and artist-parenthood (Artist talk, excerpt), Pandemic Pop-up

[TH/PH] No More Mesmerizations, Bangkok Biennial

[UK] Boolean Garden (Interface as Landscape), Queen Mary, University of London